Sona Cooper, Chair
Ellison Ellison, 1 Vice Chair
Darryl Pittman, 2 Vice Chair
Lester Bussey, 3 Vice Chair
Sharon Horne, Secretary
Bengie Hair, Treasurer


Monthly Meeting: Second Saturday, 10am at College Lakes Rec. Center – 4945 College Lakes Rd.



For more information, please visit

Jamaal Doran, President
Shakeyla Ingram, Vice President
Ashley Colvin, Secretary
Vacant, Treasurer



Monthly Meeting: Third Thursday, 6pm at CCDP Headquarters – 907 Hay St, Fayetteville



For more information, please visit Young Democrats of Cumberland County


Kimberly Hardy, Chair
Vacant, 1 Vice Chair
Lynn Thompson, 2 Vice Chair
Pam Carver, 3 Vice Chair
Devon Newton, Secretary
Lisa O’Donnell, Treasurer


Monthly Meeting: Second Thursday, 6:30pm at Elizabeth’s Pizza – 2468 Hope Mills Rd. Arrive by 6pm if you plan to eat.



For more information, please visit

(Status: Inactive)


Monthly Meeting: Fourth Tuesday, 6pm, at K&W Carolina Kitchen – 1758 Owen Dr



For More information –

Adam Beyah, Chairman
Barbara Hill-Jones, 1 Vice Chairwoman
Raymond Martin, Secretary/Treasurer
Milton Richardson, Parliamentarian